All six Batmobiles are hitting the road and traveling across North America. Check the list of stops below to see if the Batman’s wheels are pulling into a town near you. More stops are scheduled to be added so be sure to look for updates.

Be sure to tweet your pics using the hashtag #BatmobileTour or email them to for a chance to be featured in our gallery.

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Atlanta, GA stop of the Tumbler Tour!

Tumbler Tour in Michigan!

Tumbler Tour in Columbus, Ohio!

We got some great pics from our NY and NJ Tumbler Tour stops! Check out the full gallery here:

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The Tumbler Tour rolled through DC and MD…

Even superheroes get parking tickets.

Even superheroes get parking tickets.

Check out our fan photos from KS and MO! More in our gallery:

Tomorrow the Tumbler Tour is in Chicago, IL! Stop by Merchandise Mart Plaza from 4pm - 6pm for your chance to see the Tumbler and Bat-Pod up close.

Tumbler Tour sightings from Tulsa, OK! More photos in our fan gallery:

Submit your photos!

Our fan photo gallery is up:

We’re getting some awesome stuff from the tour so far. Submit your pictures directly, email to or tweet them with #TumblerTour.

Dark Knight fans in Tulsa, the Tumbler Tour is in your city for one final stop tomorrow 5/17 at Mayfest! Don’t miss out before the tour heads off to Kansas on Saturday.

The Tumbler Tour rolled into Bentonville, AR yesterday. Fans are sending in some great pics! Be sure to tweet your sightings with the hashtag #TumblerTour or email photos to Next stop? Tulsa, OK on 5/15!